Mark Nelson, M.D.

Spine Surgeon

Mark Nelson, M.D.

Spine Surgeon

Spine Surgeon Serving Southern California Since 2003

Our Approach and Philosophy

We strive to educate each patient about their spinal condition and the treatment options available to them. Many spinal conditions respond favorably to a variety of different treatments. Most patients can reasonably choose from a spectrum of treatment options – from conservative measures such as medications and physical therapy to mid-level interventions such as epidural steroid injections to a variety of surgical options. For many, a stepwise approach is the best strategy – starting with basic measures, and progressing to more advanced interventions only if the problem persists. It is our opinion that the “best” treatment is the simplest, safest treatment that relieves pain and restores function.

An office consultation is the best opportunity to meet Dr. Nelson and learn more about your condition and the treatment options most appropriate to your circumstances. Consultations and follow-up appointments can be scheduled at (858) 777-7917.

About Our Practice

We offer a full spectrum of treatment options including non-surgical care, epidural steroid injections, and a full spectrum of gold standard surgical procedures.

Here is a partial list of the more common conditions we treat:

– Sciatica
– Lumbar Disc Herniation
– Spinal Stenosis
– Spondylolisthesis

– Cervical Disc Herniation
– Lumbar Radiculopathy
– Cervical Radiculopathy


We offer a full spectrum of non-invasive and non-surgical treatments to address an array of ailments and when needed a skilled team to address surgically if needed.